Global Gathering 2012

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Global Gathering review and impressions:

After attending and photographing three festivals this year, Hammerfest, Global Gathering and Reading,  I had to pick one to write a short article about, and for me, Global Gathering was definitely the most memorable.


Because from the very first time you arrive, you can feel the atmosphere; with music blasting from every corner and people dancing  everywhere. Once the event kicked in, the place really came to life. The first night was most memorable for Skrillex, was the most anticipated DJ’s there and he really delivered, bringing in massive smoke machines, fireworks and his new Spaceship DJ booth… that really does take off! That’s all under a massive tent at the Global, not even the main Stage!

The rest of the weekend was just as amazing as the first night. The main stage attracted thousands of people for Chase and Status who delivered, but it wasn’t the quality I was expecting. It could be something with the stage being open because the other enclosed stages added to the acoustics. It definitely didn’t sound as impressive as the second stage where Skrillex had performed the day before. Nero had one of the greatest entrances on the festival. They didn’t walk on stage, they just appeared,, like a magician’s trick, it was quite something… and they were brilliant!

Overall the event was really good, although it could be organised a little better. The security really doesn’t know what they’re doing most of the time and it took me an hour to find the press office, as no one knew where it was! Skipping the negatives I would definitely go again, but this time as a fan rather than working.

Words and Pictures: Patrick Wojnarowski