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RSPCA Microchipping

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Bucknall Community and Bowling club hosted an RSPCA  micro-chipping charity awareness afternoon. The North Staffordshire branch of the charity invited local cat and dog owners along to have their pets micro-chipped for free. The chip is implanted in to the back of the animal’s neck and stores the owner’s details, making the animal easily identifiable. Volunteers taking part in the day were surprised at the numbers at the numbers of owner who turned up to have their pet chipped, with at least twenty animals queuing up at a time. Jodie Hurst brought along her six dogs and three kittens to be chipped and said “It isn’t a nice procedure because the needles they use to insert the chip is quite big, but in the long run it’s good because if every one of my pets escaped they’d have a better chance of being returned to me”. Thieves stole one of her pet Chihuahuas from her back garden last month and because it hadn’t been chipped it was never returned. The RSPCA plan to make this a monthly event due to the huge demand from local pet owners.

Words & images – Rachel Oakley